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Valuable insight into the influence of age-associated humoral factors


Key points from article :

Transcripts of the longevity-protein in circulating extracellular vesicles contribute to systemic regulation.

Beneficial effect of young blood on aged muscle regeneration decrease when blood is depleted of EVs.

Indicates aging of muscle tissue accompanied by the loss of muscle function.

EVs carry fewer copies of these longevity-promoting instructions than EVs in young.

Fabrisia Ambrosio, senior author of the paper says "... extracellular vesicles as therapeutics to counteract these age-related defects".

Amrita Sahu, senior author says "...Like a message in a bottle, EVs deliver information to target cells".

EVs are pivotal in transmitting the rejuvenating effects from the young to aged mice.

Age-related shifts in EV cargo contribute to decreased Klotho in aged muscle stem cells.

In future they will also explore the role of EVs in reversing age-related decline in cognition.

Research by University of Pittsburgh published in Nature Aging.

An injection of extracellular vesicles improve muscle regeneration

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Amrita Sahu

Postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Pittsburgh

Fabrisia Ambrosio

Director of Rehabilitation at UPMC International, Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh

Nature Aging

Journal spanning the entire spectrum of research into aging

University of Pittsburgh

Public state-related research university