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Amrita Sahu

Postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Pittsburgh

Graduated with MS in Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and recently with a PhD in Environmental and Occupational Health from the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh. As a doctoral student in Ambrosio Lab, she studied the role of an anti-aging protein, Klotho, in the healthy aging of skeletal muscle. Her overarching goal was to identify this protein as a potential therapeutic target for enhancing skeletal muscle healing capacity of geriatric population by enhancing skeletal muscle mitochondrial health. She, along with several lab members, successfully published this article in Nature Communications in 2018. Upon completion of her doctoral dissertation in December 2019, Dr. Sahu joined the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at University of Pittsburgh, in the Ambrosio Lab as a Postdoctoral Associate. Currently, she investigates the role of exercise on molecular profile of circulating extracellular vesicles as well as the mechanisms underlying an age-related decrease in skeletal muscle regenerative capacity. Dr. Sahu’s long-term goal is to develop targeted rehabilitation strategies for enhancing functional capacity in a geriatric population. Recently, her research interests have taken her to explore the unexplored quantum phenomena in human body that may open several avenues into developing bio-therapeutics and precise rehabilitation strategies.

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