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UK needs tougher standards on air pollutants

WHO standard of ultra-fine particles per cubic is 10 micrograms, in the UK it's 25 micrograms


Key points from article :

Air pollution now ranks among the top 10 major risk factors for attributable death worldwide.

Ultra-fine particles go deep into the lungs and then reach other organs, including the brain.

Cleaner air could prevent heart disease, cancers and poor brain development in children.

Ultra-fine particles can reactivate the herpes virus which lies dormant among carriers.

Studies are needed to look at the impact of fine particles on cognitive development.

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Annette Peters

Annette Peters directs the Institute of Epidemiology II at the Helmholtz Zentrum München

Jon Bennett

Professor Jon Bennett is a consultant respiratory physician and chair of the British Thoracic Society’s Board

The Lancet

Medical journal covering general medicine

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