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This face scan can help predict your biological age

Simply captures a photo to reveal biological age - no blood tests needed


Key points from article :

A 3D imaging system can predict a person’s biological age from the look of their face alone.

Will help personalise treatment for patients and assess the effects of anti-ageing therapies.

Faces of 300 people aged 17 - 77 were scanned to build a map that reveals human facial changes in a lifetime.

Real and facial ages against blood markers for ageing in the study group were checked.

Most people’s chronological ages lay within six years of their “facial age” as predicted by the computer.

People who had facial ages of 30, were typically aged 24 to 36 years old.

“Did not expect to see such remarkable changes with age, nor did I expect the 3D images to be such a good biomarker for biological age,” Jing-Dong Han at CAS, author.

Research by Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) published in Cell research.

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Cell Research

Scientific journal covering cell biology.

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

National scientific institution for natural sciences and high technology development.

Jing-Dong Han

Researcher at Partner Institute for Computational Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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