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The more you rely on energy drinks, the higher the risk of insomnia

Both men and women had trouble sleeping the more they drank them


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A large study in Norway involving over 53,000 people aged 18 to 35, linked energy drink consumption with disturbed sleep, even with just one can per month.

Daily drinkers slept about 30 minutes less than occasional or non-drinkers, with increased frequency leading to shorter sleep duration.

Both men and women experienced later bedtimes, shorter sleep, and more night wakings with higher consumption.

Daily drinkers were more likely to have insomnia, with 51% of women and 37% of men reporting it.

The more often people drank, the less sleep they got, regardless of gender.

While the study can't prove cause and effect, it suggests energy drinks significantly impact sleep, prompting more research on their effects, especially among young adults.

Their findings were published in the BMJ Open journal.

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The more you rely on energy drinks, the higher the risk of insomnia