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Study finds patients with good vitamin D levels half as likely to die of coronavirus


Key points from article :

Patients with sufficient levels of vitamin D are less likely to experience fatal complications from Covid-19.

Vitamin D sufficiency is linked to a significantly decreased level of inflammatory markers and higher blood levels of immune cells.

Study took blood samples from 235 patients admitted to hospitals with Covid-19 and measured their vitamin D levels.

Over-40s who had sufficient levels of vitamin D were 51 per cent less likely to die from the virus.

Dr Holick also published a study finding sufficient vitamin D can reduce the risk of catching Covid-19 by 54 per cent.

Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency is widespread in children and adults in the US

In June, UK health officials said there is “no evidence” that vitamin D supplements can prevent or treat Covid-19.

PHE recommends individuals take vitamin D supplements to counteract the effects of remaining indoors.

Research by Boston University’s school of medicine published in PLOS ONE.

Definitely no harm in taking normal levels of vitamin D supplements - and could save your life

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