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Studies failed to prove breakfast as the most important meal of the day


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The Hadza people in Tanzania are the last true hunter-gatherers in East Africa.

Lacking a regular breakfast routine has not made them fat or unhealthy and they lack most Western diseases.

A systematic review and meta-analysis concluded that there is no evidence to support that skipping meals makes you put on weight or adversely reduces resting metabolic rate.

The flawed rationale was based on lab rodents and a few short-term human studies.

Prior observational studies showing that obese people skipped meals were seriously biased.

Skipping breakfast can be an effective way to reduce weight for some people

Evidence is accumulating that restricted eating times and increasing fasting intervals can help some people lose weight.

Data suggests microbial communities could benefit from short periods of fasting

There is no one size fits all, and prescriptive diet guidelines look counterproductive and detract from important health messages.

Study by Tim Spector from King’s College London, published in the BMJ.

Skipping breakfast can help in losing weight, at least for some people

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