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Stability of splicing regulation, key to naked mole-rat longevity


Key points from article :

Alternative splicing (AS) dysregulation, potential driver of senescence, ageing.

Researchers found a range of mechanisms contributing to naked mole-rat (NMR) longevity.

NMRs exhibit very good DNA repair, cancer suppression mechanisms are very effective.

Their senescent cells do not secrete damaging and inflammatory signals.

Researchers here add stability of splicing regulation to the list

They designed assays specific to NMR splicing regulatory factors.

Compared SF expression in both young mouse and NMR spleen and brain samples.

Both NMR tissues showed ~double the expression levels seen in tissues from same-sized mice.

NMRs do not exhibit age-related changes in splicing factor expression unlike other mammals.

Splicing thus remains stable throughout most of life.

Published in GeoScience.

Mechanism behind their exceptional lifespan and prolonged healthspan becoming clear

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