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SRW and Insilico partner to develop AI-powered nutraceuticals


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SRW Laboratories and Insilico Medicine partner to develop new longevity products using AI.

The goal is to extend healthspan by targeting cellular aging.

AI is being used to screen natural molecules and compounds for their potential to promote healthy aging.

SRW will have access to Insilico's Pharma.AI platform to analyze data and design new therapeutics.

“Aging is a universal issue, and one that we’re closer than ever to solving,” said Alex Zhavoronkov, co-CEO and founder of Insilico.

The partnership is a significant collaboration within the natural supplement category.

The SRW and Insilico partnership is expected to unveil its first AI-assisted product suite in 2024.

Using AI to screen natural compounds and create novel longevity products

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Alex Zhavoronkov

CEO of InSilico Medicine & Deep Longevity. CSO of Biogerontology Research Foundation

Insilico Medicine

Biotechnology company that uses artificial intelligence to develop new drugs and for aging research

Science Research Wellness (SRW)

Biotechnology company for supplements and epigenetic tests

SRW and Insilico partner to develop AI-powered nutraceuticals