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Senescent cells amplify blood clotting - now protein targets identified


Key points from article :

44 specific senescence-associated proteins identified that are involved in blood clotting.

Should improve our understanding of the implications of the SASP.

Incidence of venous thrombosis rises rapidly after the age of 45.

By 80, the condition affects five to six people per thousand individuals.

Big data bioinformatics used to hone in on 44 proteins from 343 secreted by senescent human fibroblasts.

Buck Institute research published in Cell Reports journal.

Could help tackle venous thrombosis that becomes a bigger risk with age

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Cell Research

Scientific journal covering cell biology.

Christopher Wiley

Research Assistant Professor at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Judith Campisi

Professor of biogerontology and Biochemist.

Pankaj Kapahi

Education professional skilled in Research, Life Sciences, Genetics, Biochemistry, and Science