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Selenium mimics methionine-restricted diet benefits for longevity


Key points from article :

Selenium protects against obesity and provides metabolic benefits to mice.

Reproduce many of the anti-aging effects associated with dietary restriction while also allowing people to eat as normal.

One of the proven methods of increasing healthspan is to restrict dietary intake of methionine.

Methionine restriction, for example, by adhering to a vegan diet, might not be practical or desirable for everyone.

Selenium supplementation reduces levels of circulating IGF-1 in rats, suggesting that this could be an ideal candidate.

Protected against the dramatic weight gain and fat accumulation seen in mice.

Reductions in the levels of leptin, which controls food intake and energy expenditure.

Selenium-supplemented yeast had 62% longer chronological lifespan and a replicative lifespan extended by nine generations.

"Supplementation will prevent age-related disease and extend the overall survival,” - Jay Johnson, senior author.

Study by OFAS published in the journal eLife.

Prevents weight gain and extends healthspan in yeast and mammals without giving up on food

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