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Rubedo to first work on lung diseases


Key points from article :

Rubedo Life Sciences secured a funding of 12 million to develop senolytic therapies.

Now conducting preparatory work for IND-enabling studies, ahead of moving to Phase 1 clinical trial.

Want to customise new medicines for elderly & target the main biological events behind ageing.

“We are not a senolytic company, per se,” - Dr Marco Quarta, Rubedo’s CEO and co-founder.

“Our first and most advanced programme is our senolytic programme, but our Alembic platform is agnostic.”

"Alembic allows us to identify novel targets & use this information to design and engineer more molecules.”

Lung disease was definitely the space they wanted to move on first even before the pandemic.

With COVID-19 expected to accelerate the ageing process of survivors’ lung tissue - Rubedo’s work can benefit people.

Their work will be critical amidst the COVID-19 pandemic - to move into clinical trials soon

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Company Representative

Co-Founder CEO at Rubedo Life Sciences.


Extending Health Span and Reverting Age-Related Diseases.