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Revel pharmaceuticals restores tissue function using AGE-cleaving enzymes


Key points from article :

Revel Pharmaceuticals is working on drugs targeting collagen crosslinks, with the aim of restoring tissue function and repairing the body.

Targeting advanced glycation end-products (AGE) crosslinks using enzymes rather than small molecules as the therapeutic.

Therapeutic enzymes to repair the molecular damage that accumulates with aging.

“We’re quite unique right now – not many companies are focused on the structural, protein side of aging,” Aaron Cravens, CEO of Revel.

As the extracellular matrix surrounding cells becomes crosslinked and degraded, proteins lose functionality, tissues become stiffer, and the immune system gets activated leading to low level inflammation.

To reach some well established targets, such as glucosepane, and other toxic protein modifications.

Preparing to move therapeutic enzymes into pilot studies in animal models and human cadaver tissue from biobanks.

Cravens says that they hope to have a candidate in Phase 1 trials in 2024.

A unique treatment approach for ageing; will soon begin trials in animals and human cadaver tissue

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Company Representative

Bioengineer and CEO at Revel Pharmaceuticals


Biotechnology company commercializing therapeutic enzymes to degrade age associated molecule damage.