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Restoration of youthful gene expression can be achieved alternatively

Possible ways of using reprogramming techniques to develop therapies


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Researchers were able to study the effects of transient reprogramming.

By performing single-cell RNA sequencing for tens of thousands of individual cells.

Found restoration of youthful gene expression in adipogenic cells and mesenchymal stem cells.

But, temporarily suppressed their cell identity programs.

They applied the factors both to young and aged cells.

While the aged cells were significantly rejuvenated by the treatment.

Genes were upregulated in aged cells and significantly downregulated by reprogramming.

Multipotent cells can only differentiate into a small subset of types.

They treated aged murine myocytes with the multipotency factor Msx1.

Multipotency cellular reprogramming successfully restored youthful gene expression.

Induced rejuvenation of muscle cells is an important result.

Research by Calico life sciences published in bioRxiv.

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