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Public Health England: Best to take vitamin D during COVID-19 lockdown

Advices on improving health should be considered especially in times of pandemic


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Public Health England recommends taking daily vitamin D supplements during lockdown.

Concerns arose as many have limited access to sunlight due to the coronavirus.

Some studies suggest avoiding deficiency helps our resilience to common colds and flu.

Children aged 1-10 limit is 50 micrograms (mcg) a day.

Infants (under 12 months) should not have more than 25 mcg a day.

Adults limit is 100 mcg a day, recommended daily supplement dose is 10 mcg.

Higher doses may prescribed by a doctor for patients with vitamin D deficiency.

There is no evidence that it reduces the risk of catching or getting ill with coronavirus.

But it has anti-inflammatory effects and shown to dampen down the body's immune response to viruses.

Relevant in very ill COVID-19 patients where severe lung damage results from inflammatory "cytokine storm".

It's difficult to get enough vitamin D from food alone.

With sunbathing, it is advised to balance getting vitamin D with being safe in the sun.

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British Nutrition Foundation

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Jonathan Rhodes (Jon)

Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University of Liverpool,

Public Health England (PHE)

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Sara Stunner

Science Director, British Nutrition Foundation

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