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Phil Newman reviews BrainKey's brain scan analysis service


Key points from article :

Brain scans not as expensive as expected - BrainKey's partners are set up to export in the correct file formats.

Scan involved the usual MRI equipment.

Phil's brain is slightly larger than average (a good thing apparently).

Computed BrainAge of 52 years is lower than his chronological age of 55.

Report looked at amygdala, brainstem, cerebellar grey/white matter, occipital and parietal grey matter, putamen, total white matter, and thalamus.

Feels that some of the detail isn’t fully there in the BrainKey report.

BrainKey’s CEO, Owen Phillips, says more cutting-edge features are on the way and dashboard will automatically update.

White matter hyperintensity analysis recently released which checks for lesions that accumulate with age and have been shown to be associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Genetic data provides a picture of your brain's predisposition.

BrainKey doesn't have to qualify as a medical device because it sells its product to professional organisations that are qualified to interpret their patients results and provide the appropriate medical guidance.

Report provides analysis on different parts of the brain, including lesions associated with Alzheimer’s disease

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Phil Newman

CEO & Founder Longevity.Technology

Phil Newman reviews BrainKey's brain scan analysis service