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Oxford Healthspan launches Primeadine - spermidine based supplement


Key points from article :

Supplements don't go through the same safety and effectiveness protocols as drugs - so can get to market quicker.

Oxford Healthspan has launched their first product - Primeadine.

Claims to be one of the first spermidine supplements available globally.

Originally discovered in semen it is a polyamine which is particularly important in cell growth and maintaining genetic stability.

Spermidine levels in the body decrease as we age.

Increased levels found to lessen the risk of CVD and the likelihood of developing cancer.

As well as stabilising mitochondrial DNA, spermidine is a regulator of autophagy.

"Spermidine activates this process without the need to resort to restrictive lifestyle choice" - Leslie Kenny, CEO.

Found to trigger some of the same responses as calorie restriction (fasting).

Discovered in, but not produced from, you-know-what - reduces risk of CVD and cancer

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Company Representative

CEO at Oxford Healthspan


Anti-ageing supplements - including spermidine based Primeadine