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OneSkin's MolClock algorithm to calculate skin age available for free use by other researchers


Key points from article :

Algorithm published in scientific journal Clinical Epigenetics.

Devised by OneSkin co-founder and Head of Bioinformatics Mariana Boroni, PhD.

Could transform measurement of efficacy of skin products and interventions from a molecular level.

Algorithm uses machine learning to detect important epigenetic alterations that occur in our skin as we age.

Trained on over 500 human skin samples and over 2,000 DNA methylation (DNAm) markers

Exogenous stimuli (disease, environment, lifestyle) have greater influence than genetics over methylation pattern.

Enables prospecting/validating of new compounds by observing reduction in skin DNAm age.

As we age, a gene that produces a protein important for collagen production, SEC31, becomes hypermethylated.

Reduction in collagen in our skin is one reason why our skin tends to be less firm when we get older.

Horvath clock failed to accurately calculate the chronological age of cultured fibroblasts and epithelial cells.

Application programming interface (API) available.

It would be great if beauty cream manufactures had to publish objective figures for their products

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Open access journal - from basic research to innovations in therapeutic treatments


Co-Founder and Head of Bioinformatics at OneSkin


Free tool calculates the DNA methylation age using the Skin Specific Molecular Clock