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Nutritional supplement to live longer is now available


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NOVOS is a new longevity company offering science-based and data-driven nutraceuticals and tests to address aging.

Team identified 12 ingredients to address aging in a synergistic way.

“Insights into the aging process...enabled us to create a science-based supplement to address no less than 9 important mechanisms of aging,” - Kris Verburgh, MD and Chief Scientific Officer.

These 9 mechanisms of aging are important reasons why we age.

“Formulation is informed by science and is the current state-of-the-art in longevity supplements,” - Joao Pedro de Magalhaes, scientific board member of NOVOS.

Go-to resource for people across the world who want to live longer.

“Science-based longevity nutraceuticals, in combination with tests to track your aging and health is a powerful combination for living a longer, healthier life,” - Dr. Verburgh.

NOVOS’ foundational product, NOVOS Core, is available for purchase today.

12 science-based ingredients acting together on multiple aging mechanisms

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Microbiologist at the University of Liverpool studying ageing using computational and experimental approaches.


Medical doctor and author focused on aging and aging-related diseases


Daily longevity drink mix.