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Nurse turned healer made false claims to cure the incurable


Key points from article :

Genevieve Flight, claimed ‘Brain Tonic’ is a holistic cure for diseases which are medically regarded as incurable.

Claimed to reverse brain disorders and could treat autism and the effects of strokes and dementia.

A cancer survivor complained about claims made by the shambhallah healing centre.

Claims are unfounded scientifically as there are no known cures for Alzheimer’s and Huntington disease.

"I have not seen any scientific evidence of benefit to huntington disease sufferers" - Hugh Rickards, neuropsychiatry consultant

To give people hope in the absence of proper evidence is a real problem.

Flight claimed Brain Tonic are all natural ingredients that people use every day and therefore do not need any special authorisation.

"Aside from Ginkgo, no ingredient listed have any known medical benefit towards alzheimer’s" - Alex Bailey, psychiatrist.

Court issued a warrant for Flight’s arrest and said she would be sentenced.

Not only is there no cure for AD, worse, there could be harmful ingredients in miracle tonics

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Company Representative

Consultant psychiatrist & Director Of Medical Education at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust


Professor of neuropsychiatry at University of Birmingham