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New wearable device tracks health by listening to body noises


Key points from article :

New wearable technology allows doctors to listen to body sounds to monitor health

Doctors use sound to gather information about a patient's health by by listening to heart beat or air flow into the lungs.

Soft, small wearables can be attached to the skin and tracks sounds without wires.

Used on premature babies and adults with various medical conditions, and found clinical-grade accuracy.

It can be used in multiple locations at once and can help in making clinical decisions.

The device is a key advantage because it can listen to and compare different regions of the body.

Research led by John Rogers from Northwestern University, published in Nature Medicine.

Revolutionizes patient care through continuous, non-invasive health monitoring

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John Rogers

Physical chemist and Materials Scientist, Northwestern University

Nature Medicine

Scientific Journal providing information from all areas of medicine.

Northwestern University

Private multidisciplinary research university.

New wearable device tracks health by listening to body noises