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New study reveals ideal temperature for a good night's sleep

Older adults are especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change on sleep


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New study has found that the optimal temperature for sleep in older adults is between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Moving above this temperature range can lead to a 5-10% drop in sleep efficiency.

The study was conducted on 50 older adults who wore sleep monitors and environmental sensors for 18 months.

There was a great deal of variation in the optimal sleep temperature between individuals.

Climate change could make it harder for older adults to get enough sleep as nights get hotter.

Various adaptive strategies can help older adults get better sleep in warm temperatures, such as drinking plenty of water, wearing breathable sleepwear, and avoiding screens before bed.

Study led by  Amir Baniassadi from Harvard Medical School, published in Science of The Total Environment

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Harvard Medical School

Graduate medical school of Harvard University

Lewis Lipsitz

Director of the Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research and Chief Academic Officer at Hebrew SeniorLife

Science of the Total Environment (STOTEN)

Elsevier's weekly leading international peer-reviewed scientific journal covering environmental science

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New study reveals ideal temperature for a good night's sleep