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New microchip nanosensor tracks stress levels from your fingertip


Key points from article :

A microchip that can perform real-time measurements of stress hormone levels in a drop of blood.

Replacement for bulky and expensive lab tests for hormones, and allow patients to monitor their stress levels easily.

This chip containing antibodies, monitors antibody binding using electrodes within the device.

“The use of nanosensors allowed us to detect cortisol molecules directly,” - Reza Mahmoodi, a researcher involved in the study.

Tested the device with human blood samples and showed that it is comparable in its accuracy and sensitivity to ELISA.

“Patients can better manage chronic inflammation, stress and other conditions at a lower cost,” - Mehdi Javanmard, co-researcher.

“It has great potential to be adapted to non-invasive cortisol measurement in other fluids such as saliva and urine," - Javanmard.

"...can measure ultimately in a small pocket-sized box or even fit onto a wristband one day,” - Javanmard.

Research by Rutgers University published in Science Advances.

Using a drop of blood, this device measures cortisol accurately within minutes

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Postdoctoral Scholar at University of California, Berkeley


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