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Negative effects of meditation and mindfulness


Key points from article :

Mindfulness and other types of meditation are simple stress-relievers – but sometimes leaves people worse off.

“For most people it works fine but it has undoubtedly been overhyped and not universally benevolent" - Miguel Farias, lead researcher.

Found that about 8 per cent people who try meditation experience an unwanted effect.

“People have experienced an increase in anxiety up to panic attacks,” - Farias. Also found instances of psychosis or thoughts of suicide.

Katie Sparks, a chartered psychologist says "Meditation has been found to help people both mentally and physically” .

But sometimes, It’s like a backlash to the attempt to control the mind.

Guided meditation sessions led by a teacher or an app is safer.

“The current study could stop people participating in something which can be of benefit in the right context” - Katie Sparks.

Research by Conventry University published in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica.

Study found few people experience unwanted effects after starting meditation

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