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Mitochondrial transplants show efficacy in achieving longevity in humans


Key points from article :

Large-scale exogenous mitochondrial transplants in animal disease models and in-vitro human cells have been tested.

Mitrix Bio announced that the results suggest broad efficacy for targeting the immune system, brain, retina, liver, skin, and systemic anti-aging. 

These are applied to adult age-related diseases in a practical way.

Mitochondria are grown in prototype bioreactors, and later coated mitochondria are infused into the body.

The results indicate potential future therapies for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and immune senescence.

“These are still early results, ... breakthrough in longevity…in a shorter timeframe compared to other longevity treatments,” says CEO Tom Benson.

Dr. Benedict Albensi, Principal Investigator, says: “Improved bioenergetics trumps many of the negative impacts of aging. ... it buys time, and that is what longevity is all about.”

The study was done by researchers from the University of Connecticut and Stanford University.

Mitochondrial transplant raise energetics of the body, so it can withstand longevity treatments

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