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Metformin with Resistance Training- To do or not to do?

Metformin might inhibit muscle building but makes gene expression more youthful


Key points from article :

A new study suggests that metformin promotes youthful gene expression even though it does inhibit muscle hypertrophy during physical resistance training (PRT).

While hypertrophy is not always desirable, muscle hypertrophy is responsible for bodybuilding and muscle growth.

Taking metformin while attempting to build strength through PRT makes the training less effective.

But, the study found that metformin enhance PRT’s positive effects on the human body beyond muscle building.

More genes retained their youthful expression profiles when PRT was combined with metformin.

Older people who took metformin in addition to undergoing resistance training had a more youthful ability to deal with lipids.

Metformin was shown to affect several important ageing-associated pathways, including senescence and autophagy

Study by Albert Einstein College of Medicine published in Aging.

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