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Extending the healthspan without restricting calorie intake

Metabolites vital for pro-longevity effect of calorie restriction can help develop drugs


Key points from article :

Calorie restriction has life extending benefit but achieving such a diet is challenging.

Reduction in core temperature contributes to the diet’s beneficial effects.

Chemicals that might contribute to these health benefits were identified.

Compared metabolites of mice housed at 22°C with those in 30°C - both on calorie restricted diet.

At 30°C, the bodies of both mice and humans reach “thermoneutrality.”

Thermoneutral conditions reduce some of the health benefits of calorie restriction.

Calorie restriction led to the production of a range of metabolites at 22°C — but not at 30°C.

Two metabolites that stood out were nitric oxide and an opioid called leucine enkephalin.

This will help develop a drug that could mimic the benefits of calorie restriction.

Study. by The Scripps Research Institute published in Science Signaling.

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