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Maximon announces 50,000 CHF (approx. £40K) Longevity Prize for Translational Research


Key points from article :

Having announced a $100m Longevity Co-Investment Fund (LCIF) last year, Maximon is now trying to attract pre-clinical researchers with a Longevity Prize for Translational Research worth around £40K (US$54K).

The prize will be awarded to anyone who has published breakthrough research or holds the patent on science that could be translated into clinical or non-clinical applications.

This means academics, non-profit researchers, students and startup founders can apply if they have demonstrated a proof of concept in pre-clinical lab studies.

As well as the prize, it looks like Maximon will provide a lot of practical support too.

What is great about Maximon is they are very open about their intentions - they're looking for advanced research that has the potential to substantially increase health span or life span of humans. With many in the industry shying away from the radical impact some rejuvenation interventions, I'm glad they are happy to state the objective clearly.


01-Mar-2022 : open for applications

31-Jul-2022 : application window closed

31-Aug-2022 : evaluation phase complete

29-Sep-2022: award ceremony


Maximon has convened an impressive jury to judge the applications:

- Dr. Ashish Rajput, CSO at Maximon

- Prof. Brian Kennedy, National University of Singapore

- Prof. Dr. Collin Y. Ewald, ETH Zurich

- Sebastien Thuault, Chief Editor of Nature Aging

- Prof. Dr. Evelyne Yehudit Bischof, MD, MPH - Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Sciences

And by longevity it means "substantially increase health span or life span" - apply now!

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Company Representative

Chief Scientific Officer at Maximon


Prof of Biochemistry and Physiology at NUS. CSO Ponce De Leon Health.


Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich, Founder of Swiss Society for Aging Research.


Longevity physician at Human Longevity, Inc. and Associate professor at Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences.


Longevity company builder based in Switzerland

Company Representative

Chief Editor of Nature Aging