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Longitudinal DNA methylation is influenced by genetic, environmental factors


Key points from article :

Two twin ageing studies made interesting contributions to the study of DNA methylation stability.

Team looked at DNA methylation across a 10-year span in two samples of same-sex ageing twins.

Across time, stability in methylation is primarily due to genetic contributions.

While novel experiences and exposures contribute to methylation differences.

DNA methylation affects different pathways in different way.

Most heritable sites may participate in immune and inflammation pathways.

As well as in neurotransmitter transporter activity pathways.

Adaptions to ageing and senescence may be deferentially impacted by genetic background.

Researchers from University of California ‐ Riverside, University of Southern Denmark.

Also from Karolinska Institutet, published in Aging Cell.

Decade-long studies of identical twins were able to reveal connections

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Aging Cell

Scientific Journal devoted to age related diseases.

Chandra Reynolds

Professor of Psychology at UCR

Karolinska Institutet

Public Medical university.

University of California, Riverside

University of California, Riverside is a campus of University of California System