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Longevity Technology interviews Irina Conboy about blood plasma exchange


Key points from article :

Having shown that aging could be reversed in mice, Conboy explains two possible reasons for this.

Young blood from the young mouse was rejuvenative. But the old blood from old mouse was pro-geronic.

Many proteins in our blood are vital, but become pro-geronic when age elevated.

It is the reduction of age-elevated blood proteins that led to rejuvenation in older mice.

If you can neutralise or remove some determinant proteins.., then that old person will become younger.

Old mice receiving young blood did not become younger or better with respect to the brain.

We used saline to dilute the plasma in old mice and young ones by 50%.

Remarkably, if you dilute old plasma by 50%, the old animals are robustly rejuvenated, more significantly than anything else.

Conboys with Dobri Kiprov have been conducting therapeutic plasma exchange treatments for years.

Plans for Phase 3 trial to prove plasma dilution as a technology that treats co-morbidities of aging.

"Very promising" results from pilot study, with phase 3 clinical trial planned

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