Longevity.Technology interviews Adam Freund - Calico’s Principal Investigator


Calico's top-level goal is to develop interventions that delay aging.
To test such interventions, we have to be able to measure aging.
Developing innovative tools and novel analyses for quantifying physiological decline in mouse models.
Any single biomarker, or even a small set of biomarkers, is unlikely to capture the complexity of the system.
We emphasize automated, longitudinal monitoring and multi-dimensional time-series analysis.
One area of focus for my lab is IGF signaling - slows aging from worms to mammals.
Investigating how PAPP-A [pregnancy associated plasma protein A] modulates IGF signaling.
Using outbred mice for intervention testing - more variability.
We worry about results from a single, homozygous-at-all-loci genotypes not being generalizable.

Will be presenting a viable therapeutic strategy using IGF signaling at ARDD 2020

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Event AARD 2020 - 7th Aging Research and Drug Discovery Meeting - Latest progress in the molecular, cellular and organismal basis of aging

Company Representative Adam Freund - Principal Investigator at Calico

Company Calico - Combating aging and associated diseases. An Alphabet (Google) subsidiary.

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