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Living near nature can slow down biological ageing process in women


Key points from article :

Planetary health researchers found a link between plant life and slower biological aging.

Methylation levels were analyzed for 479 women from 130 families, using Horvath’s Age, Hannum’s Age, PhenoAge, and GrimAge.

Mapped vegetation levels near participants’ homes using a Google Maps interface.

“A 0.1-unit increase in the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index within 500 meters is associated with a 0.31-years reduction in biological aging as measured by GrimAge,” - Rongbin Xu, study author.

“Association remained stable when measuring greenness at 300 meters, one kilometer and two kilometers from home.”

Three components of GrimAge showed strong association:

- reversal of DNA methylation changes arising from exposure to cigarette smoke

- improved immune function and metabolic health as indicated by the biomarker GDF-15

- reduction in fatty tissues and improved kidney health as indicated by cystatin.

“More research is needed to confirm our results.”

Study by Monash University published in EHP.

GrimAge finds link between greenery and reversal of DNA methylation & other health benefits

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