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Is involved in many longevity companies ranging from improving gene therapy delivery to supplements


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Need to get all ten pathways of ageing if you want to impact longevity beyond a certain point.

It’s been estimated that doing just one of those ten pathways might get you two years of life extension in humans.

Still not clear why Follistatin works in itself.

If you give a long steady dose of telomerase, it will increase the probability of tumorigenesis. 

You can target alleles, splice isoforms, and gene family members (paralogs) with gene therapy which is very hard to do with small molecules.

You can have specificity of the vector, specificity of the nucleic acid, and finally, specificity of the protein. With proteins, you only have the latter.

Cost of gene therapy could fall with a market the size of ageing (as it do for pandemic).

OSK injection occurred at the age of 124 weeks which is very late in life for a mouse - tells you that you are really getting a reversal as opposed to delay in ageing.

I think most of the work can be done epigenetically. Then, there’s a residual amount that you can fix with the Yamanaka factors and another residual amount that you can fix by restoring genes.

Important differences between anti-aging drugs and drugs that improve biomarkers.

Dogs have natural immunity to most of the popular AAV vectors.

Shape Therapeutics and Dyno Therapeutics are working on improving the AAV delivery.

I co-founded 46 companies. Seven of them are related to aging reversal and longevity. 

Field maybe more impactful than any other pharmaceuticals in history, including even antibiotics, because our very ability to fight off diseases is age-related.

Supplements have been shown to be detrimental if taken for prolonged periods in particular individuals.

You have to test combination anti-aging treatments in the exact formulation that you want to use, even if the ingredients were already tested individually.

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