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LEAF Interviews Dr. David Sinclair, Prof. of Genetics at Harvard Medical School

He started taking resveratrol in 2003, and now added NMN and some metformin


Key points from article :

Something that causes decline in functionality and eventual death should be worked on just as vigorously as something that only affects a minority of people.

Doctors rarely provide Metformin to their patients until they actually become diabetic.

If aging is a prescriptable condition, then investment in aging-related drugs or longevity medicines will increase by orders of magnitude.

Placebo-controlled clinical trials required for NR and NMN.

Developed reprogramming factors and used them to restore vision in mice.

At least two companies now expecting to start clinical trials within the next two years in humans.

Formed Iduna with Steve Horvath, Belmonte, and Manuel Serrano - start a clinical trial next year.

It’s going to be possible in our lifetimes to have a big impact on our healthspan and probably lifespan.

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David Sinclair

Harvard professor. Author of Lifespan.

Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don’t Have To


Book written by David Sinclair speaking about how to live longer and age slower

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