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LEAF interview Greg Potter on tracking your health

If you are interested in your health, then don’t develop an unhealthy obsession about your health.


Key points from article :

Building an evidence-based system to maintain health in middle age is complicated.

Serge Faguet spent $200,000 on biohacking and claims to be calmer, kinder, extroverted, healthier and happier.

Safety first - unproven methods are likely to be shown as unsafe.

Tracking behaviors tends to quite potently and positively influence the behavior that’s being tracked.

Powerful factors are the usual nutrition, physical activity, circadian rhythms, and sleep and rich social life

Most genetic variants don’t warrant making dramatic lifestyle changes.

What does Greg track?

- has blood tests every two or three years

- sleep, periodically for two weeks at a time, three times a year

- processed food intake, especially at high-risk times

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Greg Potter

PhD in melatonin, sleep, diet, and metabolic health, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Resilient Nutrition

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