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Leading longevity researchers to speak at global investment conference


Key points from article :

Longevity Investors Conference is curating a programme of top-class speakers from all over the world.

Including David Sinclair, Aubrey de Grey and Emil Kendziorra, with new speakers being announced shortly.

Providing insights, expert education, investment opportunities and networking.

Targeting private and institutional investors from (U)HNWIs, Family Offices, VCs, Private Equity Funds, Private Banks and Asset Managers.

Co-organiser Dr Tobias Reichmuth says “The longevity industry is highly attractive for investors."

Thinks that a global investor focused (rather than scientific-oriented) longevity conference has been missing so far.

Was planned to take place in St. Moritz (Switzerland) but moved online due to Covid19.

Most people (including me!) won't have enough money to attend, but it's good to see more interest in longevity investments

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Aubrey de Grey

President and Chief Science Officer at Longevity Escape Velocity (LEV) Foundation

David Sinclair

Harvard professor. Author of Lifespan.

Emil Kendziorra

Doctor. Entrepreneur. Revolutionized Medicine. Chairman Of The Board at EBF