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Klotho protein reversed muscle ageing in old, but not older mice

Potential future treatment strategy to prevent sarcopenia when supplemented at a young age


Key points from article :

A molecule called Klotho was able to improve muscle strength.

“Supplementation with Klotho may attenuate the development of sarcopenia,” - Zachary Clemens, co-first author.

Compared changes in the structure, function and gene activity in skeletal muscle across the lifespan in mice.

Found a progressive disruption in genes associated with the hallmarks of aging from the young to the oldest-old mice.

Applying Klotho after muscle injury reduced scarring and increased structures associated with force production.

Had better muscle function and whole-body endurance improved two-fold.

But this was only seen in the old mice, and not in the oldest-old animals.

The oldest-old mice showed a dysregulated gene response.

“Future studies to determine whether boosting Klotho levels at a younger age could prevent muscle declines into old, and even oldest-old, age,” -Fabrisia Ambrosio, senior author.

Study by University of Pittsburgh published in eLife.

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eLife Sciences

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Fabrisia Ambrosio

Director of Rehabilitation at UPMC International, Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh

Public state-related research university

Zachary Glass

Formulation scientist at Verve therapeutics

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