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Kernel develops mind-reading helmets to enable people to communicate


Key points from article :

Kernel aims to transform brain science from an esoteric art to big business.

The start-up unveiled for the first time a pair of devices—basically helmets.

Can see, record brain activity, enabling scientists to more easily analyze neurons.

“We want our customers to come to us with objectives that improve people.”

“I hope we can graduate past trying to addict each other to digital systems,”

Hopes people who have suffered from paralysis and strokes could use Kernel’s devices.

This is to communicate just by thinking of words.

Those dealing with paranoia or anxiety may get access to brand-new therapies.

Devices will initially cost less than $5,000 and prices should come down over time.

Has run experiments that detects any song someone is listening to by observing their brain.

Companies such as Kernel want to make it easier for scientists to study the mind.

One day consumers can track brain metrics-- anxiety, creativity, even self-deception.

Low cost and no surgery may make this an attractive alternative to Musk's Neuralink

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