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Interactive and comparative study of diet and drugs on the hepatic proteome


Key points from article :

The study was designed to examine the impact of three anti-ageing drugs on the liver.

Professor Stephen Simpson, Senior author says “...even when these drugs are designed to act in the same way, and on the same nutrient-signalling pathways as diet."

Researchers discovered dietary composition had a far more powerful effect than drugs.

Largely dampened responses to diet rather than reshaped them.

Found calorie intake and the balance of macronutrients in the diet had a strong impact on the liver.

One anti-ageing drug had a bigger effect on changes in the cells caused by dietary fat and carbohydrates.

Cancer and another diabetes drug both blocked the effects of dietary protein on the energy-producing mitochondria.

Metformin, rapamycin, and resveratrol mainly acted to dampen the cell’s metabolic response to diet.

Study showed how food can dramatically influence many of the processes operating in our cells.

Research by The University of Sydney published in Cell Metabolism.

Dietary composition has a powerful impact on mitochondrial function

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