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Cell Metabolism

Scientific Journal providing information from many different areas of metabolism.

Established in 2005, Cell Metabolism is the top research journal dedicated to publishing novel, impactful papers spanning basic to clinical metabolic research. We are interested in original research addressing the molecular mechanisms underlying physiological homeostasis and what goes awry in disease.

Cell Metabolism's scope includes diabetes, obesity, pancreatic beta cell function, adipose tissue biology (white, brown, and beige), lipid metabolism, cardiovascular biology, immunometabolism, bone homeostasis, aging and stress responses, sarcopenia, intermediary metabolism and cancer, cachexia, neuronal control of metabolism and metabolic derangements causing neurodegeneration, circadian biology, stem cell energetics, exercise metabolism, the biology of mitochondria and other metabolic organelles such as peroxisomes and the ER, etc.

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Cell Metabolism News

Body builder supplement AKG extends lifespan and healthspan of mice

Buck Institute - 01-Sep-2020

Blood levels fall with age. NUS planning a clinical trial with middle-aged humans.


Human trial proves niacin to be an effective NAD+ booster

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 08-Jun-2020

Also a cheaper treatment for mitochondrial myopathy than NR and NMN supplements


Vitamin B3 is a good option to correct the NAD+ deficit in humans - 14-May-2020

NAD+ deficiency is for real and it happens in humans too


Metformin alleviates inflammaging by promoting autophagy

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 14-May-2020

With the positive results, drug holds great promise for promoting healthy ageing


High-sugar diet and shortened lifespan in fruit flies

Medical Research Council London Institute of Medical Sciences - 20-Mar-2020

A new perspective on pro-longevity studies highlights purine metabolism


Alternate-day fasting can help reduce belly fat and lose weight

Medical Xpress - 27-Aug-2019

ADF does not weaken our immune system like other fasting regimens do


Ultra-processed foods linked to weight gain

Harvard Health Publishing - 01-Aug-2019

Participants had to stay at the research center for 28 days


Signalling molecule essential for exercise to reduce abdominal fat

Medical Xpress - 27-Dec-2018

No substitute for exercise, yet, but the more we understand the process the better