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Company developing wireless bionic vision solution for blind people.

iBIONICS enhances quality of life and improves health with wire-free neuro-modulation, sensory and nano-particle implanted solutions (electric medicine).

The award winning company has attracted the world's finest luminaries, operators and institutions. The flagship product, the Diamond EYE, is a bionic retina that drastically improves upon available products with a less invasive procedure and potential 10x increase in functional vision.

The Diamond Eye is designed for people with late stage Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP).

iBIONICS is finalizing product development and actively financing the company via grants, private equity investment and philanthropy. Early collaboration and exploration are ongoing for hearing, brain and central nervous system condition solutions.

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Details last updated 27-Feb-2020

People at iBionics

Steven Prawer

Chief Technology Officer at iBIONICS.

Flavio Rezende

Associate Professor in Department of Ophthalmology at University of Montreal.

Suzanne Grant

Chief Executive Officer at Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance.

iBionics News

iBionics' Diamond Eye has 4x resolution of Argus II

The Globe and Mail - 22-Apr-2018

iBionics is working to improve the effectiveness of vision-restoring technology. Diamond Eye imp...

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