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How LDL cholesterol enter our cells elucidated


Key points from article :

Researchers have found out two proteins helping LDL cholesterol enter our cells.

This is by looking at atomic level of proteins NPC1 and NPC2 that facilitate the transport.

Reveals molecular basis for low-pH-dependent cholesterol delivery.

That is from NPC2 to the transmembrane (TM) domain of NPC1.

A tunnel connecting N-terminal domain and transmembrane sterol-sensing domain was unveiled.

Defects in these proteins are responsible for Niemann-Pick disease type C (NPC).

With the discovery, researchers can begin to develop drugs that target these membrane proteins.

And encourage cells to uptake more LDL and reduce the amount present in the bloodstream.

Researchers from University of New South Wales, published in Cell.

Two proteins serve as the doorway, becoming new potential targets for drug discovery

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