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Honey better than antibiotics in treating respiratory symptoms


Key points from article :

Antibiotic prescription is both ineffective and inappropriate, researchers state.

Upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) impact the nose, throat, larynx and bronchi.

Examples of URTIs include the common cold, tonsillitis and laryngitis, flu can be also.

Assessed 14 clinical trials comparing honey and other forms of treatment with it as ingredient.

Data of 1,761 participants of different ages deemed honey was more effective.

This is compared to other forms of usual care for relieving respiratory symptoms.

However, they pointed out honey is a complex and heterogenous substance.

Evidence of its effectiveness is more well-known among children that it is among adults.

Researchers concluded that honey "likely improves URTI symptoms".

Team also outlined how the “overuse” of antibiotics is “a key driver of antimicrobial resistance".

Honey avoids causing harm through antimicrobial resistance, among many other benefits.

Researchers from University of Oxford, published in BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine.

With its many benefits, clinicians recommend it as an effective alternative

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