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Gut enzyme prevents age-related loss of intestinal barrier integrity


Key points from article :

Ageing causes changes to microbiome leading to loss of intestinal barrier integrity.

As well as an increase in gut-derived systemic inflammation.

This is because bacterial products pass through intestinal barrier in greater numbers.

Gut enzyme intestinal alkaline phosphatase (IAP), important in intestinal homeostasis.

For the experiment, the team studied both aged mice and fruit flies.

Found that IAP helped prevent the loss of intestinal barrier integrity.

Thus reducing the incidence of gut-derived systemic inflammation.

This led to a reduced incidence of frailty and an increase in lifespan.

IAP may help address Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, diabetes and obesity.

Developing IAP as a supplement to help maintain gut microbiome health, underway.

Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital.

In animal models, IAP is found to prevent frailty and extend lifespan

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