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Google Nest 2 monitors sleep activity from your bedside


Key points from article :

The new Google Nest Hub will track users' body activity in bed.

Radar-based scanning technology detects movement, as well as light and temperature changes.

But the new features have been criticised for collecting data when users are most vulnerable.

Information gathered through movement or audio is processed locally on the device, but anonymous sleep event data is stored on Google's cloud server.

It will generate personalised sleeping tips and schedules, initially as a free preview.

“We wanted to offer an alternative way for people who may not want to wear something to bed to understand their sleep," - Ashton Udall, Nest senior product manager.

Aiming to integrate the Nest Hub’s Sleep Sensing features and Fitbit's sleep analytics.

Priced at £89.99, features a display that adjusts to the brightness of the room and allows users to play videos.

Compatible with many other connected smart devices, including lights and thermostats.

Radar sensor scans movement to generate personalized sleep reports - controversies raise privacy fears

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Ashton Udall

Senior Product Manager & Team Lead, Nest Products at Google


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