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Founder of Google’s Stealthy Surgical Robotics Project Speaks


Key points from article :

This is what everybody is really dreaming of when we talk about robotic surgery!

Babak Parviz developed Google’s contact lenses that can measure glucose levels for diabetics.

Explains the vision he took with him to Google in 2010.

Existing medical robots are largely remote control devices controlled by human surgeons.

Machines can do things much faster, both mechanically and even decision making, as well as more accurately.

For thousands of years, one human surgeon has trained another human surgeon – robot surgeons could be mass produced bring advanced healthcare to the poorest of nations.

Could this be what Google’s spinoff Verb Surgical is partnering with Johnson and Johnson to deliver?

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Vice President at Amazon and Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington


Law professor at the University of Washington.


Medical equipment manufacturer in Santa Clara, California.


Research organization devoted to the study of life sciences.


Semi-secret research and development facility and organization founded by Google, formerly called Google X.