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Babak Parviz

Vice President at

Babak Parviz is a Vice President at Amazon. He is the creator of Google Glass, a pioneer of building contact lens microsystems for healthcare monitoring and computing applications and has been active in developing human-machine interfaces for a number of years. Prior to joining Amazon, he was a Director at Google [X].

He received his BA in 

Literature from University of Washington, BS in Electronics from Sharif University of Technology, MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics from University of Michigan, PhD in Electrical Engineering from Univ. of Michigan; and completed his postdoctoral fellowship in Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard. His research and engineering interests span novel computing and communication paradigms, high-tech with social impact, bionanotechnology, bioengineering, and photonics.

His work has been put on display at the London Museum of Science and has received numerous recognitions and awards including the NSF Career Award, MIT TR35, IEEE CAS Industrial Pioneer Award, Time magazine’s best invention of the year (2008 and 2012), Your Health Top 10 Medical advance of the year, and top invention and has been reported on in thousands of articles worldwide.

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