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Verb Surgical

Medical equipment manufacturer in Santa Clara, California.

Verb Surgical™ is working with physicians around the world to create the future of surgery. A new future, a future unimagined even a few years ago, which will involve machine learning, robotic surgery, instrumentation, advanced visualization, and data analytics. A future of surgery that aims to achieve improved patient outcomes, lower costs, and greater hospital efficiency. Verb Surgical was founded with technology, expertise, and funding from Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences) and Ethicon, a medical device company in the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. This company will continue in strong partnership with Verily and Johnson & Johnson (Google and Johnson & Johnson Team for Robotic Surgery) to advance the surgical tools and capabilities available to surgeons and OR professionals today. Why Verb Surgical? We are a company dedicated to making possibilities happen. Along with our clinician partners we will put technology, data and innovation into action and make a difference in patient’s lives.

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Verb Surgical News

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