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England and Wales see slight increase in life expectancy in 2021 - official figure to follow


Key points from article :

Life expectancy has been slow to rise again after the shock of the pandemic.

Few countries recovering in 2021, and many seeing further declines.

Life expectancy in England and Wales rose slightly in 2021.

Fell further in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

As vaccines rolled out to older age groups, under-80s started contributing more to life expectancy losses.

Pandemic caused the biggest global drop in life expectancy since World War Two.

Countries that rolled out covid vaccines quickly have generally bounced back faster.

Office for National Statistics will publish its data on life expectancy for 2021 at the end of this year.

Research by University of Oxford and the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research published in Nature Human Behaviour.

Only 4 out of 31 countries studies have seen their period life expectancy recover since 2020

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