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Electronic blood vessels could replace damaged arteries


Key points from article :

Electronic blood vessels maybe used to stimulate healing and deliver gene therapies to treat cardiovascular diseases(CVD).

Replacement blood vessels are usually needed to treat advanced CVD.

Large artificial blood vessels are already commercially available as replacements but developing smaller vessels has been difficult as blood flow through them triggers inflammation.

Jiang and other researchers have now developed artificial blood vessels that combined living cells with electronics in animal models.

They used polymers and electric circuits combined with human blood cells.

These vessels could be used for healing, gene therapies and transporting drugs.

Software that will make predictions on patient's health and need for early interventions are also being developed.

Research by Southern University of Science and Technology published in Matter.

Not just replacing, but enhancing - could include sensors and drug reservoirs

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Scientific journal covering the general field of materials science


Biomedical engineer at the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, China.